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​How Do I Place A Custom Order?


Easy! We love custom orders.  Just contact us through the contact form.  Make sure to reference which item you are interested in or describe what item you would like designed.  Some custom orders may require an original design require a deposit of $50USD once the work is agreed upon.    


How are items Shipped?

We ship local post to destinations outside of the Caribbean region. Fedex is also available for orders over $300. In-person delivery or pickups are available for local Trinidad and Tobago orders. If you would like to coordinate a different arrangement please contact us. 

Can I return or exchange something I purchased? 

Of course!  We're not beasts.  You can receive a refund or request an exchange for any item anytime before shipment.  Customers may receive  full refund for any non-sale items they the have received and dis-satisfied with as long as the item was not damaged in your care.  Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

Do you practice Sustainability in your manufacturing? 

Absolutely.  This is an ongoing topic in the fashion and jewellery design world.  At Malika Rachelle Designs we make it a priority.  ALL metal elements are made from recycled silver, brass and gold.  The majority are purchased locally from small businesses and entrepreneurs.   We use eco-friendly, mild acids and cleaners for heat related processes.  We also support small businesses and where possible order direct from manufactures for shop equipment, tools etc.

​​How do I care for my jewellery? 


In general removing jewellery when washing dishes, washing hands, showering, and at other times at your discretion can limit the oxidation and damage that make occur on the surface of the jewellery. 


Sterling Silver:  Remove silver when heading to the beach.  Salt does not mix well with silver and can cause it to tarnish. To clean silver you can use a solution of boiling water in a foil lined bowl that has at least 2 tbl spoons of non-dissolved baking powder.  Let your items sit for 10 minutes.  Remove, dry and clean. Repeat if necessary.  A polishing cloth also works very well. 

Brass:  A polishing cloth is best to  remove oxidation which can turn brass brown.    


Gold:  Gold will not tarnish. Items that have been gold-plated will eventually return to their original colour on the plating has worn off.  Metals can be re-plated or polished.

Privacy Policy

Privavy Policy for Malika Rachelle Designs

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