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Happy New Year and A Few Reflections

2020 was full of unexpected and unprecedented challenges. 2021, although a little less intense, definitely did continue with that theme, which started the new decade. It seems these last two years have demanded resilience in the face of relentless uncertainty. It's over now and I can take a moment to catch my breath and share with you some of the highlights from my jewellery design development and give thanks to all those who supported my efforts to share joy via jewellery - even when it felt sometimes like the world was on fire.

MRDesigns joined the Junckollage tribe in Maraval. It's a vibrant collective supporting local Trinidad artisans and their handmade creations. If you get the chance to visit Trinidad in 2022 put aside some time to visit this lovely shop with everything from some of my favorite local beauty brands to designer clothes and, of course, handmade jewellery.

The first annual Birthday Sale launched in May 2021 year (go geminis!) and raised over $200 USD for the arts education non-profit CAFE - Cultural Academy for Excellence. Looking forward to breaking that fundraising mark in 2022! The birthday sale is an annual event where 80% of the proceeds from the sale of a limited selection of items, goes towards a non-profit arts program. Keep following the blog or the Instagram .to find out details about the 2022 event.

DAHLIA and MRDesigns collaborated to create the DAHLIA earrings for the exceptionally talented musician Dahlia Fernandes. This project was so much fun to put together and plus I had the opportunity to stretch the sketching and 3D design skills. These little gems are still for sale here.

September, the studio relocated to Maryland, USA. For the past several months I have been working with the Cultural Academy for Excellence teaching music and taking wax carving and casting classes at the Baltimore Jewellery Center. It's been great to be back home, teaching someo wonderful students steelpan and developing artistically in the medium of wax. Can't wait to share some exciting and edgy creations currently in progress!

Jewelbox 2021 at the Y Art Gallery in Woodbrook, Trinidad invited me to participate in the group exhibition, FLUIDITY, featuring internationally renowned jewellery artists Janice Derrick, Barbara Jardine, Sonya Sanchez and Sanian Lewis. It was a challenge, an honor and a success! Check out a convo with the artists here.

What's Next?

It seems counterintuitive nowadays to make plans, yet there are a few things I'm looking forward to in 2022:

1. Showcasing at the American Craft Council show October 9-11 in St. Paul Minnesota.

2. Continuing to develop my artistic sensibility in the medium of wax. I love it.

3. Rejoining my partner in Trinidad.

4. A BIG haircut.

Stay tuned....

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